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(Photoshoot)Observer Culture

Evan has a new photoshoot for Observer Culture with an exclusive interview,enjoy!

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > Session #4-Observer


(Photoshoots)Wall Street Journal

I’ve added photoshoots of Evan for Wall Street Journal,enjoy!


(Screencaps)Evan Peters – August Man Malaysia – BTS

I’ve added screencaps of Evan’s photoshoot for August Man Malaysia,enjoy!


(Photoshoots)Hero Magazine

I’ve added more shoots of Evan’s hero magazine shoot,enjoy!


(Photoshoots)Hunger Magazine

I’ve added HQ/MQ photoshoots of Evan for Hunger Magazine thanks to Emily for these shoots!!



Evan Peters Recalls A Super Bloody Day On The Set Of ¡®American Horror Story¡¯

It may seem like Evan Peters has his acting career on track, but even he¡¯s ¡°still trying to figure it out.¡±

In a recent interview with James Franco for Hero magazine, the actor opened up about how he got his start as an actor and how he¡¯s dealing with it now.

At the beginning of his career, Peters appeared in a slew of projects aimed at teens, such as ¡°Sleepover¡± and ¡°Phil of the Future.¡± (Yes, it¡¯s true.) The characters he played were stereotypical goofy boys, eager to chase after ¡°babes.¡±

Case in point:

Of course, over the years, he¡¯s gotten a few deeper roles, such as school shooter Tate Langdon in ¡°American Horror Story,¡± and Chapin in ¡°Elvis & Nixon¡± alongside Hollywood heavyweight Kevin Spacey.

When Franco asked, ¡°When did you start knowing what you were doing?¡± Peters responded by saying, ¡°I still don¡¯t know what I¡¯m doing, I¡¯m still trying to figure it out.¡±

¡°I was only 18 or 19 then,¡± he added. ¡°I was a real snot-nosed, punk-ass teenager, so I was taking things for granted and just wanted things to happen and be what I wanted them to be, in terms of performances, without really knowing what to do or the amount of work that was needed to put into it.¡±

Before he finally got cast in ¡°AHS,¡± a show that would prove pivotal in his career, Peters admitted he went to his first audition for the show because he was ¡°desperate for a job.¡±

¡°I hadn¡¯t had work in a while, I was just getting these guest spots and I realized that I had to really start applying myself because before, like I said, I was just a teenager and I didn¡¯t know exactly what I wanted to do,¡± he said. ¡°My manager at the time told me that there was a Ryan Murphy show and that everything he touches turns to gold so it would be amazing if I got it.¡±

That manager surely deserved a raise if he or she didn¡¯t get one already.

The actor then recalled a particularly bloody first day on set, which makes sense for Murphy¡¯s horror TV show.

¡°I remember one of the first days, we were shooting a scene and Ryan goes, ¡®Ok, I want to have blood poured all over Evan right now, we¡¯re going to put him in the corner and turn the camera on and it¡¯s going to be great,¡¯¡¯ he recalled. ¡°You know how Ryan works, he¡¯s very creative, it¡¯s his show so he¡¯s writing it and creating it as he¡¯s directing. It¡¯s very cool working with him and it¡¯s very impulsive, I like that.¡±

Thanks to the show, Peters realized it was time for him to really start trying.

¡°I was like ¡®Oh, this is a really good show, I have to start working out, I have to start eating eating right, I have to start trying to be good and not fuck up,¡± he said. ¡°I was really trying really hard on that first season.¡±

Clearly, all that trying paid off.




(Photoshoots)Hero Magazine

Evan has been featured in Hero Magazine with a brand new Photoshoot! I’ve added images to the gallery,enjoy!

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > Session #1-Hero Magazine




I’ve been able to add HQ Photoshoots of Evan to our gallery you can view the Photoshoot’s by clicking the pictures below this,enjoy!:)



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