Emmy Quickie: How ¡®American Horror Story¡¯ Star Evan Peters Was Saved by a Dictionary

Actor had to pronounce ¡°the most amazing words that I had never heard before¡±

¡°American Horror Story: Hotel¡± star Evan Peters revealed that he had to use a dictionary, as well as a dialect?coach, to properly learn his lines for his character James March.

¡°I loved Mr. March¡¯s dialogue,¡± Peters said during an interview with TheWrap. His lines, he said, were ¡°the most amazing words that I had never heard before. I was using my dictionary a lot and trying to figure out how to pronounce them. Once I did, I loved them.¡±

Peters¡¯ favorite line of the entire fifth season of the FX anthology series? ¡°Felicitations to the happy couple!¡±

The actor plays James March, a sadistic serial killer who owns the Hotel Cortez.

¡°It¡¯s sort of like a family on set, really,¡± he added. ¡°We¡¯re all sort of working together to make these really dark and insane scenes come to life.¡±

¡°It¡¯s pretty intense, [there¡¯s] a lot of downtime to get into character and learn your lines and chat,¡± he continued. ¡°But from action to cut, it¡¯s pretty intense, everyone takes it very seriously. It¡¯s a great atmosphere to work in.¡±

And off of the set, Peters has plenty of amusing interactions with fans.

¡°They¡¯re just like ¡­ ¡®Did anyone ever tell you you look like that guy from ¡®Horror Story?¡¯ And I¡¯m like, ¡®Yeah, I get that a lot!¡¯ And then they¡¯re like, ¡®Oh okay cool, are you that guy?¡¯ And I¡¯m like, ¡®Yeah I¡¯m that guy.¡¯ And they¡¯re like, ¡®No way, let me see some I.D.’¡±

But the fans ¡°are the reason we get all bloody and crazy, they just love it.¡±


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